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The 5th Quarter –A Giveaway! =)

March 23, 2011

Movie Time! =)

The 5th Quarter comes out March 25th.

Based on a true story, The 5th Quarter (starring Andie MacDowell, Aidan Quinn & Ryan Merriman) carries a powerful message of triumph over tragedy. After the tragic death of his 15 year old brother Luke, Wake Forest’s football player Jon Abbate helps lead his team in their most inspiring football season. The movie is inspirational story about the life-and-death consequences of reckless driving and the life-saving gift of organ donation.

I’ll be doing a phone interview with parents Steven & Maryanne Abbate & will update you with the story!

The Giveaway:

A pair of FREE of movie tickets. (Sorry but, tickets are available only in: Florida • Georgia • North Carolina • South Carolina • Tennessee • Virginia).

A FREE signed poster from up and coming star Ryan Marriman (Pretty Little Liars) and The 5th Quarter’s Director Rick Bieber.

In order to enter the giveaway, just leave me a comment (here, not on facebook) about how reckless driving &/or organ donation has affected you personally.  Are you an organ donor, why or why not?

Personally, I decided to be a heart donor after seeing the movie Seven Pounds. (My review here). (Fantastic Movie —LOVED it)!  To donate, I signed up online -easy peazy- and they sent me a little sticker that goes on my drivers license so that if I’m in a crash they can keep my heart beating before giving it to someone else.

As for reckless driving.  A HORRIBLE accident involving 4 teen-aged boys almost took my husband.  He was 17 at the time, and still suffers 24 hrs. a day with neck, back and muscle pain.

How about you?  I’m hoping not at all.  Just let me know for a chance to win!  Also, please note your state. If your not in one of the states where tickets are given away, you can still enter for the signed poster.

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