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Hey there peeps!

This site is primarily reviews + real life + pictures + extremely random thoughts and ideas.  People, it’s purely for YOUR entertainment.  Well, mine too, but mostly yours.

My other blog is at where I morphed my personal blog into a personal growth and development blog for women to explore leading thoughtful, grace-filled & ultimately beautiful lives in the context of authentic community.

I dig blogging.  A LOT.

Here’s the funnest tid-bits I could think of about myself that just may enjoy if you try hard enough…

Memoirist in the making.

Teacher. Speaker. Trainer. Coach. Consultant.



Struggling house cleaner.

Photographer wannabe.

Aspiring mompreneur.

Currently Weight-Watchering.

A Bit More?

I am a biracial chick —both African-American and Italian-American— and am proud to say I was born & raised in the city of Detroit.  At 19, I made the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life: to trust & follow Jesus. I attended Wayne State University in Downtown Detroit where I received a fabulous education in Speech Communications.  Communications was my first love, and remains to be a great love of my life.

In 2001, I began a career as a Campus Staff member in a large non-profit organization: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  Currently, I serve as the Regional Black Campus Ministries Coordinator for the Great Lakes East Region of InterVarsity.  I provide strategically prioritized staff training and mentoring to InterVarsity staff and students working with black students on campuses in Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia & Western Pennsylvania.  Within that role I speak, teach, train and consult frequently.

Meet the Fam…

…R1 came first. (Makes sense right?)  He’s 6.5.  R2 is 2.5.

But enough about me, tell me about yourself?  Care to delurk?

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