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Review and Giveaway Policy

If  you are a business or company that would like to sponsor a review and/or giveaway please contact me: grace at gabbingwithgrace dot com

Here’s my general rules:

  • I do not charge for product reviews.
  • A sample must be provided (items for review must sent at the expense of the company and are not returned). I will accept a free product coupon or gift card in order to purchase the product at a local store if you prefer.
  • I will email you once I have received the product, and reviews are usually posted within 3-6 weeks of receiving the product. I will also email you once the blog post is up.
  • While I’ll accept any digital media you want to provide (up to two photos and/or one video), I may also include my own photographs and/or video in the blog post.
  • As a part of your review, I will direct readers to your website, Facebook account and/or Twitter account.
  • I do not require a giveaway for the reviews I write, buy I will be more than happy to host a giveaway – only if the sponsor agrees to ship the giveaway prize.

In addition to reviews, giveaways are a great way to create buzz about your product, as well as generate traffic to your site. As a requirement of my giveaways I ask readers visit sponsors websites, comment about you product or service, as well as post on Twitter or Facebook.

When giveaways are not part of a review to I require you to handle prize fulfillment by shipping the product to the winner within 30 days, free of charge.

Thank you! =)


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